It’s important to point out here that there’s a difference between venomous snakes and poisonous snakes.It is also worthy of mention that there are non venomous snakes which people often possess as pets. Venomous here implies that something is capable of injecting someone or something with Venom, while poisonous implies that it is capable of harming you by merely touching or eating it. This article takes a look at top 10 Most venomous snakes in the world.

Most Venomous Snakes in the World in the World Right Now

10. Rattle Snake

The Rattle Snake is a sub-family of the pit vipers, it has a very unique tail that makes it easy to be identified. At the end of it’s tail is located the rattle which makes so much noise when shaken, that’s where the name “rattle snake” comes from. Large number of it can be found in America particularly at the south, western part of United States and Mexico. One Striking feature of rattle snake that they possessed from the pit vipers families is that they have two organs that can dictate radiation, which include their eyes and a set of heat- sensing pit located on their face for easy dictation of prey, it also aids them to perceive things easily. In North America, the Eastern Diamond back is one of the rattle Snakes species that possesses a hemotoxic Venom capable of attacking the tissues and organs in human body leading to the disruption of blood clotting, this is known as coagulopathy. A bite from the venomous rattle snake can cause difficulty in breathing, hemorrhaging, even paralysis, however a  quick application of an anti-virus on any Victim is known can reduce death rate. [See Also: Most Terrifying Places in the World Right Now]


9. Black Mamba – One of the most venomous snakes

The black mamba is the longest, the fastest as well most venomous snake in the world, it can easily be spotted in large numbers across the continent of Africa making it one of the most venomous african snakes. In length it’s about 14 feet though very thin when compared with all the other land snakes around the world, they remain the fastest with the ability to cover about 20km within an hour (20km/h). That they are called black mamba does not necessarily mean they are black in colour, instead they posses the ability to camouflage, they can either change to green, gray or yellow depending on the habitat of the species, this characteristic protects them from predator as well as give them an edge against their preys. When black mamba bites, it bites multiple times with a high speed, high enough that the human eyes can hardly see the tongue moving in and out, releasing a high amount of deadly venom with each strike. The symptoms of this bite includes: double vision, feverish condition, foaming through the mouth, and if medication is not applied immediately, leads to breakdown of the respiratory system and subsequently death.


8. Death Adder

The Acanthrophis commonly known as the death Adder belongs to a group of extremely venomous elapid snakes easily spotted in Australia and New Guinea. Death adders do not hunt like other snakes do; instead they dangerously lay ambush and attract their prey to them. With just a bite, they can inject about 40-100 mg of their extremely deadly venom. The effect of the venom is paralyses which might seem trivial in the initial stage, but gradually attacks the respiratory system of the victim and subsequently lead to a total breakdown of the respiratory system. Want to know what death looks like? The death adder is a typical example.


7. Viper

The viper belongs to a family of highly venomous snakes, found all over the world except in the island and the northern part of the world, arctic circle such as Antarctica, New Zealand, Ireland Australia etc. The deadliest of the vipers are located in the middle East countries, the central and South eastern parts of Asia. Vipers are very aggressive and fast. The initial symptom of its venom is an excruciating pain at the point of bite, followed by swelling, then bleeding which is common, if left without proper medication, the victim might die.


[Flickr image: Viper snake at Alligator Bay, Beauvoir, France by William Warby]

6. Philippine Cobra

This can easily be found at the northern part of Philippines, its venom is more deadly than any other specie of cobra, it is able to spit the venom up to 3 meters away. The venom specifically targets the respiratory system, can cause paralysis and subsequently death in the absence of proper medication. Some of the symptoms of its bite are dizziness, headache, excessive vomiting, and difficulty in breathing, which can result to death within 30 mins, Philippine Cobra is one of the most venomous snakes in the World. [Flickr image: Philippine Cobra (Naja philippinensis) by Michael Ransburg] [See Also: 10 Fascinating But Lesser Known Facts About Lions]

Philippine Cobra (Naja philippinensis)

5. Tiger snake

The tiger snake is a highly venomous snake, native to the southern part of Australia. They can become aggressive when threatened, containing a venom with a very high potent neurotoxic. Some of the signs and symptoms of the tiger bites includes foot and neck pain, a numb feeling followed by difficulty in breathing and subsequent paralysis. The introduction of its anti-venom has greatly reduced its casualties. [Flickr image: Tiger Snake near d’Estrees Bay, Kangaroo Island by Dean Wiles]

tiger snake

Most Deadliest Snakes in the World

4. Taipan

A lot of dangerous Snakes can be found in Australia and Taipan is included, with a fast movement and high venom content, Taipan belongs to a family of snakes known as elapid family. It contains a high amount of neurotoxic venom which clots the blood of its victim, Obstructing the veins and arteries. Before the anti-venom was discovered, none of its victim has survived the bite. [Flickr image: Coastal taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus) at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW by OZinOH]


3. Eastern Brown Snake

This reptile is native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. It is very swift in movement and aggressive as well, especially when provoked. Amongst the other group of snakes in Australia, the eastern brown snake is known to have caused more death in Australia owing to the fact that they prefer to dwell in populated areas of Australia. It is so aggressive that it pursues its victim while striking continuously at every given chance. The venom consists of neurotoxin that leads to paralysis and also contains blood coagulants that prevents the clothing of blood and requires lots of anti-venom to stop. [Flickr image: Pseudonaja textilis by Aaron Gustafson] [See Also: 9 Deadliest Sea Animals You’ve Never Heard of]

brown snake

2. Blue Krait

The blue krait belongs to the krait species and among the snakes in the species, it is one of the most deadly and most venomous snakes. It is native to the South eastern part of Asia and Indonesia. The blue Krait is so dangerous that it even preys on other snakes even those of the same species. It also possesses neurotoxin venom that is more powerful than the venom of a cobra. It’s bite leads to paralysis. Death rate resulting from its bite was high before the introduction of its anti venon. [Flickr image: by Rahul Alvares]

blue krait

1. Belcher Sea Snake

The belcher sea snake is not too aggressive but will bite under duress. The fishermen with nets often fall victim to this snake. Though this reptile looks and sounds less of a treat, you will be shocked at how dangerous and Venomous it can turn to especially when provoked. Research has also shown that the belcher sea snake is even more deadly when compared to the taipan.


Most of these snakes are really deadly, and their venom can indeed rake so much havoc to human tissues and organs, however, prevention is better than cure. Stay away from them and draw your boundaries

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