It is a common practice that when you or your loved ones die, the options available for disposing the corpses are through burial or incineration. It appears though that some people chose to think outside the casket in doing this. Human beings have always been fascinated by death. While most of us would tend to agree that it is something best avoided, no matter how much we try to make it go away, death is inevitable unfortunately, it’s also something that holds a sense of wonder for us. Just imagine how many ways we have of saying that someone has died; Wikipedia recounts at least 80 different ways, and there are doubtless dozens more. But nowhere is human fascination with death more exemplified than how we treat the dead bodies of our loved ones.

Here are some shocking things these people have done with dead bodies so far.

Roberts Stimulated by Your Corpse:

The army revealed a war plan called Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot program in 2009. This plan concerns war robots that can continuously energise themselves by eating any organic compound that has come from the remains of organism such as plants and animals which “could” include human corpses, to use for fuel as well as their waste products. The company inventing this program says the robots were constructed to eat just vegetables.

Strange Stone Preservatives:


An Italian anatomist called Girolamo Segato in 1800s preserved corpses in a way that is still a puzzle to scientists of today. His set of preserved body parts keeps the organic compounds intact, while making them distinctively hard as a rock. Scientists say they think Segato injected these corpses with something, but only he knew what.

 Pickled corpses:


When Anaesthesia was discovered in the 1850s, there was a huge need for carcass in order to enable surgeons to study its properties. At that time, 10,000 Chinese that worked for railroad killed themselves as a result of  lack of addictive drug prepared from the juice of opium poppy, the Panama Railroad Company they worked for sent them to America by train in pickled juice. It also happened that sometime ago, a serial killer would kill lonely women looking for love, he’ll draw and entice them by placing ads in a Budapest local newspaper. His most suitable victims are usually women with lots of money and few personal relations. After killing the women, he would preserve the cadaver in barrels that his landlord believed he used to store gasoline.

Live Car Crash Dummies:


Cadavers were the first to be used in collecting data on the effects of high-speed automobile crash on human body. The cadavers were subjected to collisions and vehicle rollovers to know how human body responds to the sudden, rough forces acting on it in an automobile crash. In addition, no effective tools existed to measure such responses.Regardless that its use is declining resulting from the invention of computer simulation, car crash tests are still done today with cadavers. Such test determines the impacts of car collisions on human beings.

The Skull Bong:


Three teens were charged in 2008 for using the skull of man who died in 1921 to smoke weed. The teens dug up a corpse, cut off the head with a garden tool and took it to the juvenile’s home where they used it as a “bong” for smoking weed.

Woman Slept With Dead Husband For Year:

In November 2013, it was discovered that a woman whose husband died a year ago was still sleeping next to her husband decomposed corpse. She was so angry that her husband had died and refused to report to the authorities.although this seems impossible, but it actually happened..