Banks are well-known for their unique and often polite ways of thanking their customers, but how about a bank with the most awesome way of doing that?

And you know how those little unexpected pleasures in life mean so much to people, not to talk of when it comes from a bank

A Canadian bank realized that the brain’s pleasure centers are more “turned on” and excited when human beings experience unforeseeable pleasant things, compared to predictable pleasant events.

TD Bank Canada intended to dish out a fat thank you to their customers this year in a way that is rare, personal and different”, and guess what? They did something beyond shocking.

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The bank went far more than the call of surprise as they not only offered free coffee to their customers, but they also changed their ATM into what they called an “automatic thanking machine,” surprising a few pre-selected customers by dispensing unique gifts to each and every one of them instead of their demanded cash.

As is always expected, when you go to the ATM of any bank, in one way or the other you’re losing money from your account right? But, this bank intended to just offer back to their customers, and it was beyond amazing.

So, selected customers of theirs encountered something that’s unexpectedly good that really made their day, something that could leave a sheen of tears in your eyes. Doubting? Alright just watch the video below to see for yourself, but be advised to grab a tissue paper or wipe to clean your tear as this will make you emotional. Well, just so you get ready because a tear you can never blink back may drop right on your face. Enjoy anyway!

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TD Canada gave it their best shot to say the least.Oh! yea this experience is awesome, unique and one of a kind. Even though most headlines about banks these days only make you consider saving all your money at home, maybe under your mattress where you experience less stress and all what not, so it’s really wonderful and difficult to have a financial institution do something over the board just for the interest of its customers. This is the type of bank I would trust, of course so they can always appreciate my account. Despite the fact that it was for a few of their customers, we think they thought out the best way to treat their customers. What other way would have been better after all? So as far as I can remember, TD Canada remains the bank with the most amazing way of thanking its customers.

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