China is one of the many countries whose economy can’t just vaporize or fall easily as it continues to boom. Its economy has had a steep jump, rising increasingly overtime without making any clear fall in recent time. Of course it resurrected from its roots  and has made an understandable comeback without shifting anywhere close to becoming a double-dip economy too. Several business establishments such as fast food restaurants, sports cars, and high-end professional sports are becoming mainstays in China’s society. But then there are the little, and admittedly more frightening, businesses that the Chinese are investing on. For instance now people are getting involved in the practice of selling live animals sealed inside plastic bags as so-called “good luck” key chains. Oh yea, this is actually a trend in China.

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So if you have about $1.50 you can get one for yourself…… Vendors typically sell them outside train and subway stations in the major cities.

Now, each key has a live animal right inside of it, and supposedly consist of crystalized oxygen and sufficient nutrients to sustain the animals and to keep them alive:


This good luck key chain supposedly contains crystallized oxygen and enough nutrients to keep the animals alive.


Guess what animals they put in there? Well, the key chains can contain fish or young Chinese soft-shell turtles.


Based on what some vendors said, the animals can survive for a few days in the sealed bag, but they use up all the oxygen and nutrients in the bag eventually. And they then alternately suffocate or starve to death.


As you might expect, animal rights groups in China have actually condemned these live animals key chains and defined as being “cruel,” and “inhumane. Well, am thinking what definitions could do without action…anyway did it change anything yet?


No it hasn’t made any impact yet. Yes, shockingly, that hasn’t in any way stopped sales of the key chains throughout China. They’re especially popular with young people who see them as a fashionable accessory.


Oh! poor little animals are faced with sudden death as they die from suffocation…..what a pain!


Although,  we need to take a good glance into our own culture before condemning other people’s culture, but for one to mention that this practice is animal cruelty is maybe an understatement. Animals might be treated just as bad in China as other countries. Of course, there is no much difference as cows, pigs and even chickens have their throats slit and bled to death which is actually by far slow and painful for them. This is only one of the things that happen. However, the big saddening thing in this particular case is that, this very practice is most likely to continue  into the future if it is not controlled, unless China put in place a reasonable or meaningful animal cruelty laws. But will they ever do that? No one can tell… me neither.

Now The Big Question Is: Is This Act Fair Enough?

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Image Source: ViralNova