Every year, Halloween revelers must decide what costume to throw their allegiance to, and many join the ranks of the walking dead. The wonderful thing about your favourite brain eaters is that once bitten or infected anybody can be turned into a zombie, leaving room for some truly bizarre costumes. Most of the zombie costume ideas are simple to make, and require you to stock up on basic essentials like bloods, guts, and gore at drugstores and customer superstores like Party City. There is no end to creativity with these truly strange zombie costumes that are sure to impress your friends, scare your neighbours, and finally win you that costume contest.

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1. Pregnant Zombie

There are few things as horrifying as watching a mother eat its foetus. There are a variety of ways to use this costume; a slashed open stomach can reveal a zombie foetus, the zombie can crawl its way out of its mother, or the mother can be holding a doll with a fake umbilical cord attached and enjoy it as a snack. These costumes generally require an old dress, blood, a gory doll, and Styrofoam to create a pregnant belly.

Pregnant Zombie costume ideas

2. Zombie Roosevelt

Zombie Barack Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s are a common sight, but an undead FDR rolling about is truly bizarre. This costume is simple for anybody with a wheelchair and a suit handy, and there are endless opportunities if there’s no way to obtain a wheelchair. Slap on a campaign button and some blood, or find a top hat and a fake beard to be everybody’s favourite zombie Abraham Lincoln.

Zombie barack Obama

3. The Mime

Mime’s have a reputation for being annoying, and some have even starred in nightmares. The white and black makeup lends itself well to becoming undead, and a minimal amount of blood and gore can be just as terrifying as buckets of blood. Keeping a rotting finger to your lips, and never utter a word as you stumble silently through the streets. The best part is all that it takes is white and black makeup, a white and black striped shirt, and blood.

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The Mime - zombie costume ideas

4. Biblical

Every year a few undead Jesus’s rise from the grave to bemuse or draw the wrath of the neighbours. For a slightly more politically correct idea obtain a priest or nun costume, tear it to shreds, and put your best zombie face forward.

Biblical zombie

5. Disney Princess

Disney princesses are a dime a dozen on Halloween, but an undead princess is a worthy sight. These tragic characters are used to being rescued from danger at the last moment by a charming prince, but for these undead princesses the prince missed the mark. Stumble around the streets as zombie Snow White, clutching an apple with black blood running from the forbidden fruit and her lips. Princess costumes are usually inexpensive, so don’t feel guilty for pouring blood on it and ripping it to tatters.

Disney Princess zombie

6. Freak show

Combine the best of both worlds and become the aftermath of a stunt that went wrong. The sideshow freaks of the turn of the century are only the beginning of this bizarre costume. Attach knives to a magician’s assistant costume to become an undead tragedy, or attach scars and bites as a failed lion tamer.

Freak show

7. Tooth Fairy

Serial killers might collect skin, but it takes a truly disturbed individual to collect teeth. Turn a child’s fairytale into a nightmare as a zombie Tooth Fairy with a pair of large pliers or hedge trimmers. Hang fake teeth around your neck and drip blood from your lips as you parade around in a tattered white gown.


8. Siamese twins

Living in close quarters is never easy, especially after a zombie apocalypse. A couple can share oversized traditional zombie garb, and apply as much blood and rotting flesh to their faces as possible. Take turns eating each other, or if you’re flying solo munch on an attachable Styrofoam ball covered with a mask. A piece of brain sliding out of the skull can be a great touch to this bizarre and memorable costume.

Siamese twins

9. Cyborg

Combine the best of both worlds and become a mutated zombie cyborg. Use the steampunk accessories that you’ve been collecting, attach gears and wires to a plain costume, or purchase a bionic arm at costume superstores. Decorate whatever flesh is showing with rotten flesh, bone, and guts.

zombie cyborg

10. Corporate Zombie

Join the ranks of the walking dead instead of the working dead. Rip that ill fitting suit into bloody shreds, and stumble along the streets with a coffee cup in hand. Sip from blood and brains and include strange adornments like a briefcase overflowing with body parts and intestines worn like a tie.

Corporate Zombie